Monday, September 26, 2005

What to write...

Having just popped in one of my reclaimed Cramps cd's (Fiend of Dope Island) from Bface and gazing upwardly at my kickass framed "The Cramps and The Lords of Altamount at the Filmore" concert poster (also courtesy Bface, but that wasn't mine to begin with like my cd), I decided to write something.

I don't what the hell it will be, but it will surely involve something stupid that I've done to myself... or someone else for that matter.

Yeah, that's it. I could write about how I must have somehow screwed up someone's life along the way. Although, in all fairness I didn't have much time to have done something like that.

Afterall, I've been with the Cod Gal since the tender age of 17 (?). It's hard to ...... AHH!! My Cramps cd just skipped, then stopped. What the fuck. (raising clenched fist to the air) Bface!!!

*We are experiencing some technical difficulties. We'll be back as soon as we can.*

Ok, I'm back.

I'm sure that Bface will be relieved to know that he didn't screw the cd up too bad. I'll let him off the hook this time. Although, interrupting "Dr. Fucker, MD" is grounds enough for an ass-whuppin'. I'll let it slide this time. No sense in going and getting myself all beat into a bloody pulp, right? (<------ gracious nod to my eldery brother)

Anyways, I haven't screwed up anyone's life, that I know of... well not permanently. It may have seemed that I did something horrible at the time, but I'm sure that I meant well and someday we can all look back, laugh about it and have a beer. Though, now is probably not a good time , but someday I'm sure.

Well, that was a waste of time. Maybe I can write about all of the good things that I have done for everyone that I know. That should be an easy one to write about. Afterall, it's not like I go around kicking kittens and slapping babies.... right? Well.... (any actions before I stopped boozin' may be up for interpretation)

Ok, let's write about that.

Let me think of something and I'll get right to writing....



Hey! "Elvis-fucking-Christ" just came on. That is, quite possibly, the greatest song of all time. (like how I contradicted myself? I should be a politician, dammit) Just thought that I'd let you know.

Ok, back to the writing.


Well, screw that idea. I can't think of an instance and I don't have all day, you know. It takes time to keep that couch warm, yo.

I could write about how my Patriots showed that they are still the big dogs in the NFL by slapping around the Steelers in that little playpen that they call a stadium. I could continue on about how Brady, Vinatieri and Belichick should have their own wing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame... but I won't.

I also won't get into how during this upcoming weekend the last 3 games of the baseball season will be played between the tied-for-first-place Red Sox and Yankees and how it will probably kill me. That's better suited for my Red Sox blog that I also don't write for.

I don't know.

Emmy-Cod is rumbling down the stairs now, so I have to go.

If I think of anything to write about, I'll get right on it.


At 4:58 PM, Blogger B-Face said...

"Elderly" brother? I'm going to hope you meant "elder," but knowing you.....

You damn kids these days!


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