Monday, September 26, 2005

Woe is me

Rodney Harrison is out for the season.

I knew that was coming after watching his knee get twisted 12 different directions yesterday, but it's still jarring to see in print. It must be the finality of it.

No Bruschi. No Harrison. No Charlie Weis. No Romeo Crennel. It also looks like we'll be without Matt Light, our starting left tackle, for the season as well. That's not to mention the 4 cornerbacks that are hurt as well.

If Master Belichick is ever going to earn his money, it will be this year. It's a good thing that he dumped the ole ball and chain this winter.

Oh yeah, and from here on out Tom Brady will be referred to as "Tommy Cool". A name that I've been using for some time now, but not in print for obvious (Bface-related man-crush jokes) reasons.

Also, Adam Vinatieri will be known as "The Closer". 18 game winning field goals will do that for you. Fuck the two Super Bowl-winning-kicks... that 45 yarder against the Raiders in the snow to send it into OT is still the GREATEST KICK EVER!!

There is no debate.

- Cod

ps- maybe Big Bill's buddy Jon Bon Jovi can write him a nice song to keep his spirits up


At 1:27 AM, Blogger B-Face said...

I'm flattered about your man-crush on me, but sorry if I can't reciprocate.

Did Brady or did he not complete 12 out of 12 in the last quarter? It's like he said, "I'll be DAMNED if I fucking lose THIS one!!! FUCK THAT!!! For RODNEY!!!"

I'll go to my grave remembering that kick in the snow. I was onstage in a bar Salem, Mass., and they turned the TVs on and turned them towards the stage so we could watch while we played. We were completely snowed in, we were the only band (so we had to play for the whole night), and it was fucking awesome - everyone dancing, drinking, not caring about cops - as soon as he kicked it the place went absolutely madhouse. It was a blinding blizzard outside but no one cared. I didn't even mind the drive home. Fuck Oakland, too. Oh yeah and fuck Pittsburgh. And fuck Miami and New York and fuck them all. Little V is the Closer. Fuck the Yankees, too, just for good measure.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Sarita said...

I think it's one of those things where everyone will always remember where they were when they saw the kick in the snow... I was in Portsmouth at Banana's. Yeah, seriously. No, I did not hook up with a dude my dad's age.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger Wheel Gun Bob said...

That dude was me. Too bad, you missed a good time.

At 1:59 AM, Blogger Erin Nicole said...

funny enough, adam's grandfather was a famous composer. my band played some of his music this summer--much to the chagrin of rams fans. ;)

my "secret word" for posting is "alsexu"...i just think that's wrong.

At 2:09 AM, Blogger B-Face said...

I was recently reminded that a direct relative of Adam's served under General Custer and died at Little Big Horn.

Adam V!!! True American Hero! Says me!!!

Unless he's on another team, then he's gayzo.

But Adam V!!! True American Hero! And Patriot!!! He says, "alsexu"

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Allyon said...

Actually, AV's ancestor survived the battle. Custer decided not to bring the band along, and he stayed warm and safe.

At 9:07 PM, Blogger B-Face said...

Always bring the band along.


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