Friday, November 04, 2005

Glue isn't just for sniffing anymore!

I've been freaked out about some things that have happened while relieving myself, but never for this reason.


Now, that's not so bad. It's a prank, albeit a prank that shouldn't have gone as far as it did.

But this one.... this one is just plain wrong!

You just don't glue a man's hot rocks to anything, anywhere. She said that it was part of some sort of love game.

Yeah right!

Call me old fashioned but if the Cod Gal said, "Hey honey, I have an idea to spice up our love life. Let's whip out some SUPER GLUE!!" I'd decline.


Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that a woman has done something atrocious to some poor schmuck's love rocket. They seem to think that it's ok to do that. Um... nope.

I wonder how you women would like it if your significant other popped the tire on the wheelbarrow(s) that you use to lug your boobs around in. That wouldn't be too funny, now would it? You'd probably kill a small child when they came crashing down to earth.

On that note...

- Cod


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