Monday, November 14, 2005

My Patriots

a few things that were "borrowed" from Peter King's MMQB column...
(a must-read for any true football fan)


Want to know why the balance of power in the AFC has turned upside down?

Games missed by defensive starters due to injury in 2005:
Indianapolis (9-0): 2
New England (5-4): 31

An Indy asterisk: Joseph Jefferson was slated to start at the safety spot now manned by Mike Doss, but he has been sidelined with a toe injury. I don't count him because Doss was the starter there last year. Jefferson was making the switch from corner to safety, so he was going to be a first-time starter there. The two missed starts are from Montae Reagor, and those hardly hurt because of the Colts strong four-man rotation at defensive tackle.

The Patriots are starting their fifth strong safety, Michael Stone. This figure includes Tedy Bruschi, even though he didn't start the season as a starter. The list: Bruschi 6, Tyrone Poole 8, Rodney Harrison 6, Richard Seymour 4, Guss Scott 4, James Sanders 3.


I expected a little more out of the Miami running game. Heath Evans (who was cut by Miami October 25th and subsequently picked up by the Patriots) outrushed Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams combined.


I think the Patriots won a road division game without their starting running back, tight end, left tackle, right tackle, strong safety, right corner and one starting receiver. That's pretty good, I would say. Real good.

Ole Mr. King nails it on the head this week.

- Cod


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