Friday, March 11, 2005

Pam Smart and Me

I was flipping through the channels the other day when I saw an "American Justice" episode on A&E (I think) that was about Pam Smart and her boy-toy. It was kind of weird seeing that again because I not only knew her, I knew all the kids involved as well. That, and The Codfather was Chief of Detectives at the time so he would always fill me in on what was going on.

I'll never forget watching her on TV the night that her husband was found dead. I watched it with The Codfather who said at its conclusion "Something's not right. This is going to be a strange one and she's involved somehow." Boy, he hit that nail on the say the least.

The first time that I ever met her was when she came into my English class to explain about a course that she was going to be teaching the next year. I wasn't terribly interested in taking it, but she was better looking than any of the hags, lesbians and hippies that we had for other teachers so I listened. Except for that one who taught something somewhere near the art room. I didn't care what she did, I just enjoyed looking at her. Man, she was hot! Oops, digressing again....

Well, after Mrs. Smart finished her spiel about her upcoming course, she left and I didn't give it anymore thought. As we were leaving the English room, she was waiting in the hallway.

She said, "Are you The Cod God?"

I said "Yup" (notice the Rico-Suave response)

Mrs. Smart "I really would like you to be in my class next year"

My reply (looking her up and down) "Sure. What was it again?"

After that we socialized a few times but never anything like she was doing with her boy-toy. That poor bastard never had a chance. When I heard it was him that was involved, I couldn't believe it. I'll tell you one thing, there isn't a woman in the world worth killing for. (Well, maybe Salma Hayek) I would have just nailed the bitch and left. But that's just me.

During the trial, my friend Derek's mother was the bailiff for her. Apparently they have to have a woman with a woman prisoner. Anyways, they were chatting one day during lunch and Derek's mother mentioned that she knew me. Pam says, "Oh, tell him that I said Hi!" She should have been worrying about something else like say, oh, I don’t know….HER TRIAL! What a weird chick. She certainly is a cold-hearted one. She still denies her involvement to this day.

As far as the kids that were involved are concerned, I had a few of them in my classes but we were acquaintances at best. I did work with one of their fathers for a stretch. I felt bad for him. That trial about wrecked him. Oh well, that's my cheery story for the day.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger B-Face said...

I was in a study hall with funny little murderer Billy Flynn. It was my 3rd or 4th year of high school, he was a freshman I think. My brush with fame. Lamer than yours, but hey you gotta take what you can get, right?

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Wheel Gun Bob said...

I would kill for Hillary Swank. Actually, I would just kill for no reason.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Wheel Gun Bob - ha ha! :)

This story is a sad source of support for the parents that want to lock their kids up during their formative years... Like, until they're 30.


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